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The wind of change ...

June 11th, 2009

Ok, everyone who visits this site from time to time might have already noticed it - there was a lack of activity during the last three weeks. I was busy managing some real life stuff, and while doing so I had some ideas how to change the philosophy of the questFlux project to overcome some of it's basic problems.

What does it mean? Some kind of 'back to the roots' move I guess - a good half and a year ago I started this project trying to create all the needed guides by myself. I soon recognized that I could not spent that much time on playing a computer game, and so I decided to make it a community ...

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Finally - a header!

May 19th, 2009

Finally the site got a header - still WIP, but it won't change that much anymore. The start page was also slightly redesigned to get some of the site's content to the front. Now it's time to focus on the guide selection page in order to make it a bit more convenient to use. Especially the filter options need a good amount of tweaking as they waste a lot of screen space right now. That should be done within the next two days - the guide detail pages will be next to spruce up.

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Quick Update

May 12th, 2009

Another week is gone, but unfortunately most of the last week's work won't be directly visible to my visitors ... The last 10 days were spent on extending the administrative/maintenance tools to improve error handling. I'm very satisfied with the result as it gives me the chance to quickly correct all the small quest dataset errors and inconsistencies that have accumulated during the last weeks. So if you find some incorrect information displayed inside of the quest browser/editor - please use the error notification tool to give me a note and I will fix it.

While extending my tools I also added ...

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New Layout - again!

April 30th, 2009

Puhh, the new layout is up and running, and most of the corresponding bugs and errors should be cleared out now. If you still experience malfunctions please give me a note via the site's header contact link. A quick note to Internet Explorer users - some functionalities of the site may still not working properly. This is due to my humble abilities when it comes to the creation of clean cross-browser stylesheets and, of course, the fact that this damned browser comes straight out of hell . I will surely fix those bugs (most of them are just part of the guide editor anyway), but this may take ...

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Last comment by puppenizer5 years ago

Thanks for the flowers ! I really enjoy building up this small community, and I hope it will grow a lot during the next weeks and months. I guess more users will make the community even more enjoyable ...

Server changes ...

April 29th, 2009

Ok, I'm changing some server scripts right now, so you might experience some problems during the next hours. I try to get everything working again as fast as possible, so please have some patience. As soon as the 'old' news are up again, everything should be done ....

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